Here's the small team that keeps SOAR® running:

Michael Kiese Executive Director

Born and raised in Hawaii, Mike Kiese served for 12 years as an Active Duty Staff Sergeant guitar player in the US Army Band.  He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelors in Communication. 

Mike served at Fort Campbell when SOAR® first started, and was its first guitar instructor.  He went on to take over and lead the SOAR® program at Fort Campbell and further developed an 8 week curriculum with instruction and handouts. 

It is through Mike’s efforts that SOAR® is Trademarked and has become a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.

Currently serving in the IRR, Mike is actively pursuing acceptance into Dental School.  He is the sole person that keeps SOAR® running as a labor of love.  He continues to give free lessons to fellow Veterans through Zoom Conference calls.

Michael Byer          SOAR FOUNDER

Mike Byer is a retired US Army Aviation 1SG (First Sergeant).  Mike first came up with the idea for Sounds of Acoustic Recovery while assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Campbell.

Mike approached the Army Band where he met the Soldiers that helped create SOAR®.

Mike is currently enjoying his retirement, and it is very well earned.  Thank you for your service, Mike.  You're the best leader I've met in the Army to this very day.  You're like a brother and a dad all in one, leading the way by your example.